Intermittent web sources/freeDB server error


Firstly - thanks for this software, it has done wonders for my MP3 collection!

I am intermittantly getting errors connecting to any of the web sources (including freeDB) to retrieve information about an album. The mesage I get is "Error connecting to .".

I also am occasionally able to connect without problems and retrieve the data - most usually from artistdirect, but also sometimes from others.

I have no proxy and no proxy configured, and can access these websites, as can other software. There is no firewall running (I even turned off the windows built in one to be sure).

I am connected via a 56k dial-up connection, and was wondering whether it is a timeout issue - perhaps the connection attempt has a fairly short timeout which causes it to be considered as failed because my connection is to darned slow? I will see how it performs when I get back to somewhere with a broadband connection and reply if it helps.

I may be way off with this, it could be something else but I am not sure of any other factor that could cause it to work "randomly" even though other programs connect without fail.

I have attached some logs from the Mp3Tag directory in "Application Data" in case this is useful.

Thanks in advance,


How big is the timeout in your freedb > server options?


It was 2 - changing it to something bigger has worked a treat, thanks! (runs away and hides for being so dumb!)