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I've been away from music tagging with MP3tag (or any other program) for quite some time. Now that I'm back, one change I've noticed is that navigation to music folders on my PC (Win10) is now via Windows Explorer. My recollection is that navigation used to be through a browser built into the mp3tag application. What was the last version of mp3tag with itsown internal navigation?

There are the functions
File>Open folder
File>Add folder

which each open an Explorer window.
These functions are also available in the toolbar.
Also have a look at this thread from 2005:

Or this one from 2023:

Launching Explorer from within MP3tag doesn't really improve things. IIRC the way it used to be was that you could navigate from the tag panel to whatever music folder you wanted to without having to launch Explorer. If there were mp3 files in that folder that you wanted to modify you could do that in the main body of the program, i.e., the main space on the right.

I linked the 2 threads, which are 18 years apart to give you an impression that any kind of folder tree or whatever you might recall was not there during this period. So it will be hard to point you to a version with that feature.

Do you remember this view?

You make a compelling point.

According to their properties, most of my music files were added in 2011. Last night I downloaded four versions of mp3tag, one for each year 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013. FWIW, 2010,11, and 12 were flagged by Virus Total (2010 especially severely). 2013 was fine. btw I assume these are 32 bit programs.

I can't do this right away, but I'm going to install 2013 on a separate computer along with some music and see how the program functions. Windows XP support ended in 2014, so I'm sure that's what I used. I mention this because Microsoft fiddles around with Explorer every OS change, and it's possible that later Win Explorers presented a change to MP3tag that altered its behavior, or necessitated a change in its behavior.

I'll report back.

Perhaps you don't need to install all those versions just to find out that there is no internal navigation tree or something if you have a look at the changelog:

The search word "tree" yields no hits.
"Navigat" has 11 hits, all dealing mainly with the navigation between UI elements via the keyboard.

So really: there is no such navigation thing as you say, you recall.
The only element in the tag panel to let you switch folders is the dropdown list for "Directory"

Back with Windows XP the Windows dialog for selecting folders showed a folder tree to choose a folder from. Mp3tag never had an internal folder tree.

I think starting with Windows Vista, Windows consolidated the look and feel of the browse for folder dialog and the open file dialog into one dialog to open files and folders.

This is what I’m using with Mp3tag.

Well that settles it then.

What prompted my post is that getting music files in Explorer into the editing pane seemed harder than it had to be. The reason, I guess, was because I was away too long and out of practice. But I remembered there is a workaround that makes it all very easy. My music folders are arranged in a folder tree. When I navigate to any folder in the tree and right-click "send to">"mp3tag", the music files all get laid out nicely in the editing panel, including music files in all the sub-folders of the one I clicked.

So problem solved, and sorry for the distraction.

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