International characters and encoding


Yesterday I happily switched my MP3Tag to the Unicode version (2.33a). But I have experienced weird behavior when using international characters.

I am running Czech Windows XP, codepage Windows 1250. However, when I use File -> Tag function, and the filename contains international characters (for example á = a with acute, or soft e), the converted tag looks good in MP3Tag, but not in Winamp (Winamp translates internal characters either to weird ,,squares" or to totally incorrect characters).

I suppose, that this has to deal with the UTF-16 form of tags, which Winamp cannot read. Alternatively, I have tried to use ,,always write tags in iso-8859-1" function, but this is pretty useless for Czech characters, since many of them do not have straight representation in this charset. Such conversion converts accented characters to their unaccented forms, which is not desirable.

So using UTF-16 screws things up in Winamp and using iso-8859-1 screws them up globally.

Has somebody experienced similar problems?


Well, if Winamp doesn't support unicode, it's Winamp's fault.

Did you have a look at the Convert codepage action type?


Yes, I'm using Mp3Tag for the Hungarian language and I have the same problem (I use the same codepage, although Hungrian language has less accented letters, then Czech does). I experienced the same behaviour in WinAmp too, but the most serious consequence is that, when trying to write mp3 files to CD/DVD with Nero, filenames having accented letters are not recognizable by the program. The version prior to V2.33 did it correctly. Unfortunately, already it is not possible to downgrade to e.g. V2.31, because the UTF-16 saved tags cannot be displayed and recovered in the old version.

Please give som hints to resolve this problem.



There is always the Winamp uninstaller :wink:

I'm sorry, but the only solution is to switch to a decent audio player like foobar2000. AFAIK Nero 7 has Unicode support.

Best regards,
~ Florian



first of all let me congratulate you on such an amazing piece of software.

second of all, i must support ampi and alef since i've noticed the same problem using 2.34 version.

this wasn't the case before, but now something went wrong with international characters. i'm using croatian accented letters when tagging croatian artists songs. version 2.32 was making it all right - no weird symbols, no squares - was perfect!

now when i try to use croatian accented letters i get winamp playlist all messed up.
it's not winamp's fault - all previous tags that i've made using 2.32 version are being displayed perfectly correct by winamp.

now when i tag croatian songs using accented letters in 2.34 version even the playlist that 2.34 generates is messed up! verified this many times by opening the playlist in notepad. the playlist usually breaks at the spot where i use first croatian accented letter.

tried several things, checked all possible optios - still hopeless.

will continue to use this program, 'cause i love it, but please see if you can give us international settings from 2.32 back!



I'm observing the same problem as all the others in this thread but with Greek characters since the transition to Unicode in version 2.33. I wonder if you could add an option to write tags the old-fashioned, 2.32 way for those of us who use accented letters or a different alphabet altogether... I'm quite hooked on this program so I'm using 2.32, but I really envy the much better speed of the later versions.


Once again: writing ID3v2 tags in system codepage is not according to the ID3v2 standard. Mp3tag did this in pre-2.33 versions and I really felt bad about that - that's one reason why I've implemented Unicode support.

Now Mp3tag reads ID3v2 tags marked as ISO-8859-1 as ISO-8859-1 (as long you don't have the Decode ISO-8859-1 tags using system codepage enabled) and also reads Unicode tags.

This ways you can load the tags written in system codepage into Mp3tag (Decode ISO-8859-1 tags using system codepage enabled) and rewrite them as Unicode tags (if your character set contains characters which are not available in ISO-8859-1).

Winamp still writes ID3v2 tags using system codepage and doesn't support Unicode. You can switch to a decent player like foobar2000 which also sticks to the ID3v2 standard.

Sorry for the trouble ... but bringing back ID3v2 tags in system codepage support, which will break the standard again - just for supporting broken apps - is not my intention.

Best regards,
~ Florian