Interraction between mappings and extended tag view


I thing the interaction between mapping and the extended tag view is confusing and should be changed.

I was trying to debug some tag confusion on some files related to BAND, ALBUM ARTIST and ALBUMARTIST. I'm using FLAC files, I'm supposed to use the "ALBUM ARTIST" tag, and therefore I have the following mapping in mp3tag :
VorbisComment -> ALBUM ARTIST -> BAND

Some of my files were tagged before I fully understood what to do about "BAND" and "ALBUM ARTIST" (I'm a bit slow), so I have some FLAC files are tagged using "BAND", some are tagged using "ALBUM ARTIST", and some are tagged with both. So, I set out to fix those files.
The left pane and the column view are not very useful for this task, so I went into the extended tag view expecting to get a clearer picture (in "View -> Extended Tag")

Well, the interraction between mapping and extended tag view is very confusing. If the file is tagged with "BAND", I can see a "BAND" tag in extended tag view. If the file is tagged with "ALBUM ARTIST", I can see a "BAND" tag in extended tag view. If the file is tagged with both "BAND" and "ALBUM ARTIST", I can see two "BAND" tags in extended tag view. I believe that the "Extended Tag" tool should show the real low level tags, not the mapped tags, to eliminate ambiguity and help debug those low level tagging problems...

Note that I don't need help fixing the tags. I temporarily removed the mapping to fix my tags, so it's done.

In other words, I believe that Extended View should offer the lowest level view, and as such it should always show the low level tags, and never the mapped tags. I feel that it would help people debug low level tag issues, and as a bonus it would help people debug their mappings.



I disagree with changing the Extended Tags view. Mp3tag has always displayed the mapped name, not only in the Extended View, but throughout the program, including variable names. By using the mapped name, it's all very seamless. I've remapped many of Mp3tag's internal names (e.g. ITUNESCOMPILATION -> COMPILATION) for MP3 tags. This lets me use the field name COMPILATION and tag both MP3 files and FLAC files with the correct field.

I do agree, however, that some way to view the raw tags would be a huge boost to Mp3tag's usability. Troubleshooting with mapped names (including Mp3tag's numerous internal mappings) can be extremely difficult. Give a new view, exactly like Extended Tags, except displaying the raw field names, or add an option to also display the raw field names in the Extended Tags view. I'm tired of having to use a hex editor to see what's actually there.