Intro and Poster Frame timecodes in MP4s

Apple's QuickTime MOV format, which is the base of ISO's MP4 format, has the Movie Header Atom (or Box) mvhd inside either Movie moov or Track trak which allows, among other things, to specify the timecode to be used as a thumbnail or preview still image, even per track.

Poster time

  • Poster time: The time value of the time of the movie poster.

It also allows one to specify a preview:

  • Preview time: The time value in the movie at which the preview begins.
  • Preview duration: The duration of the movie preview in movie time scale units.

Is there also any similar specification for the start and end timecodes of an intro (i.e. opening credits) and an outro (i.e. end credits)? Streaming services like Netflix obviously store such information somewhere (but perhaps outside the actual media files) to allow skipping these repeated bits. Or are they using chapters ( i.e. a chap track) and define some as skipable somehow?

Is there some piece of software for Windows 10 or macOS that allows to set such information for many files at once, ideally with integrate preview?
Is there any video player that makes use of such metadata?

QuickTime dialog

Actually, neither ISOBMFF nor MP4 supports this feature of mvhd.