invert name and surname?

I have use the regex that I have find here

$regexp(%artist%,(.*) (.*),$2',' $1)

but don't work correclty becouse it add a "," for example

Bruce Springsteen

after the rename is

Springsteen, Bruce

Is possible delete the "," ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

The quotes around the last comma are making it a literal. Try this:

$regexp(%artist%,(.*) (.*),$2 $1)

Fantastic, is perfect...THANKS :slight_smile:

Even though it is technically possible, I would not do it.
See e.g. this thread: /t/13887/1

no problem for me, I have divided the singers in:

women singers
male singers


And what if it is the case of Marylin Manson: a male going by a stage name containing a female name [Marylin] and a last name of a man [Manson]

Or the case of the Florence And The Machine: a group led by a female singer Florence Welch?

Or the case of Trespassers William: a group with a female singer Anna-Lynne Williams?

Or the case of a female composer Wendy Carlos, who at the beginning of the career was a man with the name Walter Carlos?

I tag / store every artist alphabetically. So Ludvig van Beethoven is between K and M