Iomega Screenplay MX2 genre not detected

I have a large MP3 collection which I have consolidated on the Iomega Screenplay MX2 media player. I used MP3Tag editor to tag the files with genre but the player puts a majority of the MP3s into the "other" category rather than the genre that the file has been tagged with. The strange thing is that if I open the file and edit properties through windows (not using MP3tag) and retype the genre field, the iomega player recognizes the retyped genre. What am I doing wrong?

The V1-Version of mp3 tags knows only a preset list of genres, each being encoded by a number identifier. Any genre that is not in the list gets the description "other".
V2 knows user-defined genres as well.
So I suspect that one of your tag-writers or readers applies V1 tags. (E.g. check the settings in Tools>Options>Mpeg whether you write V2.3-tags)

I figured it out. I checked to ensured tagging was v2.3 . I will say that WMP is a bit finicky to work with. Thankyou for the response.