iOS or iPad version?

I know there is a Mac version but will that run on an iPad or is there a version that will? Sorry, I am a bit oblivious to the iOS universe.

Nothing at this time for IOS. But the original music files on iPad are usually stored on a local Mac or PC. I would recommend that you make any changes there. I use the Microsoft version. I am sure others work just as well.

There was the same question for other mobile devices before.
Nope, from my point of view, Mp3tag should only run on desktop.
I can't believe that's an good idea to manage file on mobile device.

I would agree on the phone. I only mentioned iOS because the ipads run on it, too. Current tablets have more memory and CPU power than desktops did just a few years ago. I currently tag on my laptop but I've been thinking about getting an ipad and leave the laptop behind when traveling to lighten the load. I tag videos and I'd like to tag them while on a trip.

Well, doing that on mobile device (ipad) has at least has two serious problems:

  • how long do you think you can do such high cpu operations on an ipad befor running out of battery?
    It's true that peak performance was increased on tablets, but tablets mostly idle around.

  • Current UI isn't designed for toch, for mobile it must be redesigned
    I know complex the design in swift / xcode is. As I remember mp3tag creates most from code.

As a suggestion for your plans to make tag edits while travelling, I would consider using a Remote Desktop connection. Doing it this way, all of my actual storage and applications are running on my main home computer that handles my music library. I can use my iPad, or even a mobile phone, to log in and make changes on the fly. I often use my iPad even if I’m home, as it is handy to make a quick change on the fly.

As for battery, there's this thing called a charger. MP3Tag is hardly CPU intensive and tablets are designed to play/stream video which is 10x more resource demanding.

So ipad can use Remote Desktop? If so, that solves it. I'm not talking about editing tags on the plane but in the room with high speed internet. Only issue there is uploading 50Gb video to the home machine but it doesn't have to be done all at once.

well, i guess mp3tag is cpu intensive when doing mass tagging and a lot of I/O.
On streaming video, a lot of calculations done by codec that is implemented in gpu.

Yes, I did guess you wanted to work "mobile" with your Ipad.
I'm really not sure why you did ask for ios support....
Did you ever think about using an laptop? (osx or windows) ?
I don't see benefit in using an IPad.
MP3Tag UI is not designed for touch devicde.
You can try using Teamviwer.Remote Desktop für iPad und iPhone | TeamViewer

Absolutely. I use it all the time. It works flawlessly.

As I said in my second post, I am currently using my laptop but would like to travel a bit lighter with a tablet. There's a whole world that sees the benefit in using tablets else they wouldn't be selling faster than laptops now.

Ipad uses iOS, that's why I asked about iOS. My post was not a feature request. It was simply a question as to whether or not MP3Tag had an iOS version. I didn't think so, but I thought I would ask. Question answered.