Iphone Multiple Artists, Genres etc

Hi All,

This isnt exactly Mp3tag related but i couldnt think of anywhere else to post where people would understand what im going on about.

My entire database is tagged in id3v2.3 format with a singular "album artist" per track. I then use the "artist" field for the main artist and any contributing artists separated with semicolons e.g. Beyonce; Jay-Z.

I also use multiple genres separated the same e.g. Pop; Blues

Apple music on my iphone (and possibly itunes where i was forced to impost my mp3s to sync) HATES multiple tags and multiple generes. In the music tree i can only see my album artists which is annoying and makes it impossible to find supporting artists through anything but the terrible search button.

I must be missing a big discussion somewhere on this issue as im sure every audiophile and mp3 tagger on here is encountering the same stuff

Does anyone know if there is a workaround i dont know about or even a discussion going on? I searched but to no avail

Thank you

You could try to split the respective fields into real mult-value fields so that you see more than 1 field of the type ARTIST and GENRE in the extended tags dialogue (Alt-T) and then check whether your player shows an entry for each field.
A single test file should be enough.

This is the world of Apple, specifically iTunes and their IOS device player. There is no workaround here, all fields are treated as single lines, ignoring any separators you may have defined. And these players ignore any separate multi-Artist fields too.

You could use a separate player like Foobar2000 mobile to get the Artist handling to work on IOS.