iPod Touch lyrics tag as track info

Hi, I just got an iPod Touch and am quite happy with it -- except for the bit where it forces me to ditch foobar for iTunes.

One thing I don't like about the iPod is that you can't see track info (e.g., bitrate, file size, play count, etc.) on the device. You have to sync up with iTunes to view that.

However, you can see lyrics by tapping on the album cover while playing the track. So ... I got the idea to copy all the track info I'm interested in into the lyrics tag. Then, I can just tap on the screen to see the info.

Can anyone help me do this? I tried doing this by making some actions, but I'm really confused. Then I realized that somebody has probably already done this.

Any help would be much appreciated!

For example ... append some technical informations at end of existing lyric text.
Action: Format value


Run this action only once against the file!

See also:


Cool idea! :smiley: One of my pet peeves with players (like iPods and my Sonos controllers) is that they don't let me access much information about the songs. Your idea is a great solution for iPods, especially since you could customize it to include the exact information you want.

DetlevD suggested appending the desired info to the lyrics. I think I'd just dump the lyrics (I never use that feature anyway) and use the field entirely for extended tag info. I'm going to have to go play with this now....I love this idea!

Thanks DetlevD! I didn't know that mp3tag used a similar syntax to foobar's title formatting. This has worked a treat -- especially now that I can right a long logical statement that accounts for composer, albumartist, etc. As the previous poster suggested, I've just been replacing the existing lyrics, since I have only a few and never read them.