iPod Touch songs no longer in album grouping

I have been using an iPod for a long while, and just moved to an iPod-Touch. My mp3 songs are all tagged with MP3TAG - a wonderful program.

I use filenames of: Artist - Album,TrackNumber - Title.mp3

After uploading some albums to the iPodTouch, I noticed that some, but not all, songs are no longer grouped as one album, but are shown as individual albums. It seems to happen whenever the album name is the same, but the the artist is different. For instance:

Smith - Best of Rock,01 - Song01.mp3
Smith - Best of Rock,02 - Song02.mp3
Smith - Best of Rock,03 - Song03.mp3

works OK on iPod and iPodTouch, but

Smith - Best of Rock,01 - Song01.mp3
Jones - Best of Rock,02 - Song02.mp3
Brown - Best of Rock,03 - Song03.mp3

is recognised as one album only on the iPod. On the iPodTouch, it is shown as 3 separate albums.

Please can someone help? Can't see this in the FAQ on by Searching, though its rather difficult to choose the right keywords so I may have missed a similar post. If so, apologies.

Regards, fdragon.

Fill the tag ALBUMARIST with a decent name e.g. "Various Artists" or "Sampler". And/or create a tag COMPILATION with the contents "1" for these albums

Your suggestion worked!!!

Thank you very much !!!