iRiver H300 series - Tag problems



I have a problem with the H 340 player from iRiver concerning the mp3 tag information shown in the display while playing a file edited with Mp3tag .
Within one and the same folder/album the artist field often shows the folder name instead of the artist name itself. For example, the folder name is "Crazy" and the artist name "Julio Iglesias". On some files the artist is displayed correctly on other files just the folder name is shown.

[This already happens before using iRiver's DB scan (no irivnavi.idb file in the root folder) and is independant on the lenght of the mp3 tag fields.]

I assume that the player shows the file name instead of the proper artist name by default just in case of having trouble interpreting the mp3 tag of that specific file properly. But what may be the cause?

Can somebody tell me what setup is required in Mp3tag to avoid this effect?

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Hello urichert!

I don't have an iRiver so I can not experiment with the different tag formats. Just try to write only ID3v1 tags, only ID3v2 tags, ID3v1 and ID3v2 without APEv2, ...

You can adjust the tag writing options at Options, Tags, Mpeg.

Maybe someone who owns an iRiver can help here. Maybe you'll find some information searching at the Hydrogenaudio forums.

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~ Florian


Are you using any non-ID3v1 fields? I had the same problem with my iRiver iMP-550 (firmware 1.50) when adding fields which are not available in ID3v1 (URL, BLAH, ...). It seems that the bug has been fixed in 1.70 as it doesn't happen anymore.


I've been experiencing the same thing with my H340, I had figured it was a firmware bug, but I use id3v2 on all of my files and it only seems to break some of them intermitently, it's not mp3tag's fault just a bug in the firmware, everything else I use reads the tags just fine.

Off topic:

If you select for mp3tag to write ape tags then select all files and just save keeping the existing data will it just add the ape tags right in?

Nevermind it worked.