Is 65385 a magic number

Normally I am using MP3tag to tag one or two albums at a time.
Today I decided to do a small global change on all my mp3s.
Loaded the main directory – MP3tag saw all the files but when it started to read the directory it hung at 65385.
Is this the max amount of files it can process at any one time?
(running Vista)


I had a similar issue


but it turned out to be the size of cover art in the files exeeding the amount of memory available. I had 4gb of virtual memory which should have easily been enough, but I'm not sure if Mp3tag uses virtual memory when loading tags?

Thanks for your interest.
I also get an error message but it only flashes onscreen quickly and then I just get a white box - maybe a Vista quirk. I aslo have a lot of cover art - most individual albums have thir own artwork. I have never tried to load all my collection before so I cannot comment if previous versions had this same problem.