is batch-like renaming tag-data possible?


Hi everybody,

First of all - Thank you Florian for a very cool tag-editting program. It's a very userfrindly and a very efficient program! I find it really unique - and I have tried a lot of tag-editting programs to find the best = Mp3tag !! :wink:
Being a newbee I do not know anything about scripting in your program, but I just wonder if it's possible to rename tag-data (e.g. the Title) in a lot of files situated in different subfolders in one operation. Like when you make a loop in a programming language. It would be very cool if this is the case, and if not so a suggestion for a new feature in your allready marvelous program.

Kindest Regards


Batch or mass tagging is simply done by loading all files one wants to change in the program, then select all of them and either change something in the left tag panel or for changes based on certain conditions or more operations at once use the :mt_act: Actions that are really powerful.


Oh yes.... off course. Thank's dano !!