Is comment not included in %_TAG%? Action not working with %_TAG% but working with %comment%

I have set up an action using %_TAG% but it will not affect my comment field. If I set up the same action using %comment% instead, it works. I cannot figure out why? The action is a simple replace values.

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Works over here. No problems found.

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Every time I stop working with this program for more than a month I forget everything and regress to slightly above noob levels. The appropriate format to fill the field is to use _TAG not %_TAG%. Just after I posted the question it occurred to me that that might be the issue and I was right. I think :smile:

That is why it would be so helpful for us in the distance if you posted screenshots of the dialogues that you use to define an action or whatever manipulation you intend to get working.

Yes, you are right, that would be helpful or at least writing it in the format we use here for defining actions.

What is weird is that I am still having trouble using it with the filter. I have tried
%_tag% HAS "feat."
_TAG HAS "feat."
%_TAG% HAS "feat."

But none of them bring me the results I get when I use %comment% HAS "feat." in the filter.

As you want to look for that word anywhere in the tag data, try simple
and no further filter keywords
%_TAG% refences the tag version in this case, so "V2.3" or "V1" should lead to hits.

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