Is Field 'BAND' still labeled 'ALBUMARTIST' in Field Listings?

I downloaded and installed v2.39i; mainly to fix a compatability problem with my player software (QMP), which uses the field ALBUMARTIST in its media library and thus was giving me duplicate tags named as such in version 'h'.

Now my tags display the field name as 'BAND' if I look in the extended tag info (which I think is correct behavior.)

However, on the main panel, the value doesn't display in the field values. And, if I go to Options... Tag Panel... and try to edit the field I have identifed as 'Album Artist' (or to add a new field), in the dropdown list of fields, I don't see 'BAND'; I still see 'ALBUMARTIST'.

Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong?


Seems to be fixed in 'j'.

I also noticed this behaviour since switching back to BAND. The filter list also still has ALBUMARTIST and it doesn't work.