Is it MP3Tag?

I'm using V2.44 with iTunes 8 on Vista and after I make changes/add cover/number tracks I drag them into the iTunes library and they don't show up. Then I try to play them in Winamp. They play, but they show up with a time of 0:00 for each track. Also, even though the cover art shows up in MP3Tag it does not show up in windows explorer folders. I made the changes pinned at the top but still having no luck...

About iTunes, what you could do is:

In explorer Right Click on the file and Select Open With iTunes, and then look in the Playlist "Recently Added" if it is listed.

"Recently Added is a smart playlist with the following rule: "Date Added is in the last xx days"

Note: iTunes only supports these audio files MP3, AIFF, WAV, MPEG-4, AAC and Apple Lossless.

Note: Do you have sufficient access rights ?

A reason why the Cover art doesn't show up in the explorer folders and only in Mp3tag could be that because the folder art is embedded in the Audio file itself and is not located in the folder.

You could try (in Mp3tag) right click on the cover art and select Extract Cover, and see if it will show up in your explorer folders.

Nothing added.

All my rips are mp3s, and I'm admin on my computer.

Sorry, I didn't explain it well. Here is a picture of a folder with mp3s that will load into iTunes:

This is a picture of a folder that will not load into iTunes:

I have not changed any settings in anything.


i have found a link that resembles your situation a little:

The main part of it, it is about the tags. In your 2nd screenshot you also don't see any tags, while in the 1st you see all the tags.

You could try.

  • If you load the files in Mp3tag and you press on 1 of the songs that is not playing ALT - Enter or [Right Click - Properties] what does it tell you ? If the Version part lists Bitrate: 0 Frequency: 0 etc then it's not a valid audio file.

  • If you right click on the file (in Explorer) and add the tags manually, see if they show up then.

I did a small test and even if the ("valid") Mp3 didn't have any tags (even ID3V1, ID3V2 and Ape removed) it would show up in iTunes, but a "invalid" (just a .txt file renamed to Mp3) would not show up

In mp3tag, Tools - options - Tags - Mpeg what settings do you have. Take a look at the attachment and see if it is the same
(These settings work for me and iTunes)

Try it is an MP3 validator on your mp3's that will not play

Edit 1st: Added screenshot
Edit 2nd: Added the link for the Mp3 validator

Mp3 validator did the trick! I owe you big time!

No Problem glad to help. But could you tell us what the problem was, so other people could maybe benefit from it.

I really don't know. I am now tagging with the settings you showed me earlier in this thread and I'm not having any more problems. That mp3 validator has fixed any problem tracks and can now add them to my iTunes library. Thanks again!

I have the same problem. Afer digging in, I came to the conclusion that WMP (I use 11) and dppoweramp can not see all the tags (especially Album Art) in the ID3v2.4 format. When I switched to ID3v2.3 UTF-16 - It was all OK and WMP/dbpoweramp could detect my embedded album art. Hope this is fixed