Is it possible to add ISRC Codes

Where and to what type of fields can one add ISRC codes?

See the help on supported fields:

Choose one (ISRC looks like one for ISRC)

In Mp3tag, you can use the extended tag dialog via Alt+T to add the ISRC code. The correct field name is ISRC. This is the quick solution.

You can also add a corresponding entry to the Tag Panel on the left via Tools → Options → Tag Panel (1) and a new column to the file list via View → Columns... (2).

  1. Adding an ISRC field to the Tag Panel
    Just open Tools > Options from the main menu bar and navigate to Tag Panel. Here you click the Add field... button and enter ISRC as field and as name. After closing the options dialog you have an ISRC field on your Tag Panel, where you can view and edit the ISRC codes for your files.

  2. Adding an ISRC column to the File List
    A dedicated column for the file list adds even more value: open the columns dialog at View → Customize columns... and click the New button. Under name you enter ISRC, under value you enter %isrc% and under field you also enter %isrc%
    Click OK and you can now see the ISRC values also in Mp3tag's file list. Via delayed double-click, you can even edit them directly in the file list.

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What I do routinely is copy and paste a list of ISRC codes from discogs into a text file and then use the Text file - Tag feature with

%dummy%: %isrc%

as the code.

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