Is it possible to add MusicBrainsID # to a Custom Column?

Hey guys, I am new to these forums and I have done some searching but I cannot seem to find the info I am looking for. What I would like to do, is create a custom column that shows the Musicbrainz etc that is associated with that file if it has any.

Basically I just want to see the Musicbrainz ID data for each song if it is there as some songs have it and some do not.

I am looking through the forum info on mappings and scripting but nothing refers to this info directly.

How would I go about adding this to the columns?

I appreciate your help.

Find out the name of the field. It would be easiest to see the name in the extended tags (press Alt-T).
Memorize the name, close all dialogues until you can right-click on a colum header.
Select "Columns ..."
Press "New"
Enter a decent name for the column.
For value enter the name that you memorized, enclosed in %, e.g. ARTIST becomes %artist%.
If it is possible to edit the field, also enter the same name for field.
Press OK, you are done.

I clicked on a track and hit Alt-T but it doesn't show anything to do with musicbrainz. Am I in the wrong place?
I just shows simple info

that's about it. BTW, these are FLAC files I am dealing with, if that makes a difference here or not.

I appreciate you taking the time to help me out with this.

First, you have to save this informations into these tags. You can use the Webscripts for this task.

Then you have to decide, which one you want to keep.
I just keep the following Musicbrainz-Tags:

But there are many more, if you like... :wink:

Well ... the extended tags only shows what is there ...
I assumed that you already tagged a file with the help of musicbrainz. If this is not the case, then naturally, there is nothing to display, right?
Anyway: find a track that has already been tagged with musicbrainz and see which fields have been added by musicbrainz. You may then create a custom column for each of the fields of your liking in the way I described in post #2

When I look at certain albums in my player and edit the album info, the musicBrainz ID is there on some albums and not there on others. I pull up the album in MP3tag.. and hit Alt-T as you said and it give just the basic info. What am I doing wrong here?

I tried to make a column with the above inf but it shows I don't think I am doing it right. Can you give me an example?

Would it be:

The info is showing in the Album Attributes in my players so it must be the above right?
Is that syntax correct?
I tried upper and lower case but neither give anything just a blank column.

Could you check the setting in Options>Mpeg what kind of tags you read?
It should be at least ID3V1 and ID3V2 for reading. (right now it looks as though you only read V1..)

To note, these are FLAC

When I check Options>Mpeg

All boxes are checked except for:

ID3v2 only if ID3V1 too small

I am reading both...ID3V1 and ID3V2

Can you walk me through writing the script for the column, perhaps my syntax is not correct?

Hi ManoMusic, to create a custom column in Mp3tag list view is easy work in Mp3tag.
A short description about the dialog "Columns" do you find in the Mp3tag manual pages in the section "Columns".
Mp3tag allows the user to store any key-value pair into a supported media file and to read back.

Once the media-file has been tagged by the MusicBrainz service, the file may hold a bunch of MusicBrainz related tag-fields.
MusicBrainz tag-fields and their content may look like ...

MusicBrainz Album Artist Id:'89ad4ac3-39f7-470e-963a-56509c546377'
MusicBrainz Album Id:'40bac1a9-f093-4771-8eac-96497d85b76d'
MusicBrainz Album Release Country:'XW'
MusicBrainz Album Status:'official'
MusicBrainz Album Type:'compilation'
MusicBrainz Artist Id:'329a506c-6e32-4b8c-bbb2-334054d4a4c2'
MusicIP PUID:'f9bc0d77-4e92-2179-0da8-4aedccd6ed7c'

It is just a matter of configuring the Mp3tag dialog "Columns" to display the content of such tag-fields along with the other tag-fields in the list view, and it is also a matter of how important or informative it might be to display those data in the Mp3tag list view.
At end it is your decision what you want to display and what is neglible.

I have attached a picture showing the dialog "Columns", in german language "Spalten", regarding the tag-field "MusicBrainz Artist Id". I assume it is self explaining.