Is it possible to automatize a tagging sequence?

I'll explain better with two examples:


One thing that happens a lot is that my files are called 1 - Title, 2 - Title etc, so every time, for the first 9 tracks, I have to do:

  1. Tag - Tag --> FIELD: TRACK & FORMAT STRING: 0%track%
  2. Tag - Filename --> %track% - %title%

I'd like to know if it's possible to store this sequence of operations somewhere and then call it when I need it


I make a lot of playlists and for each of them the process is the same: I set the title equal to the filename, I then remove every tag and assign Artist, Album, Genre and Cover tag by hand. Since the chosen tags are the same every time, I was wondering if there was a way to automatically tag files based on a "pattern" that you save somewhere.

Hope the examples' explanation will make you understand what I want to do, thanks in advance!

You can put a vast number of actions into a single action group which then can be called with a single click.

Action of the type "Format value" for field TRACK
Format string: $num(%track%,2)

Action of the type "Format value" for _FILENAME
Format string: %track% - %title%

The 2nd task: to modify the a tag field with a fixed set of strings, use actions of the type "Format value" for that field.
Mp3tag does not remember previous inputs for fields.
You can import data from a text file but I think as you have to prepare the text file(s) with the data that you want to import, your can type it in straight away.

Thanks! Today I'll try it out :slight_smile:

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