Is it possible to convert a forward slash to a vertical bar when exporting tag to filename?

I like / for 'medley' type songs (Part 1: Blah / Blah / Blah, etc) to show in Winamp and obviously it has to omit the forward slash when converting to Windows filename.

Is it possible to convert it to | when exporting without having to use | in the tag itself? I will if I have to but I'd prefer not - just a thing I have, I think it looks better.

EDIT: Nevermind, I thought the | was a valid windows filename character for some reason, apparently it's not. Also I found the $replace(string,to,from) script, so I should be able to figure something out. Now just to find a better separator

And there is the $validate() function that takes care of more or less all the illegal characters for filenames.
Just a personal note: I never thought in the dimensions of "better looks" for filenames - I thought that "unique" and "valid" are the only criteria.