Is it possible to copy tags from one file to another?


I have been using MP3Tag for some time but I am definetely not an expert in it. Is it possible to do some kind of mass copy (or export->import) of tags, including the cover art, from a set of mp3 files to another? Can anyone point me to how to automate this process as much as possible?

Even though it can sound like a weird request I think in fact it must be quite common. Long time ago I ripped al my CDs in MP3 format at 128kps for use with a portable player and used lot of time to tag them properly. Now I got an hi-fi player and I am in the process of ripping the CDs again at higher bitrate, but I would like just to copy the tags from the old files to the new instead of having to go through the very time consuming process of tagging all the files again.

Hope somebody have some clever solution to that.



You could do it quite easy in Mp3tag with ctrl+c (copy) and ctrl+v (paste).

Cool. I didn't know that.


Sorry to hijack this thread, but is there a way to copy select fields and apply them to multiple files?

An example would be copy select fields of a single file, then applying album, year, and artist to multiple files.

Well, you can always select all files and do the changes you want. After pressing :mt_save:, Mp3tag will write the changes to all files you had selected.

Yeah, I got that. But you have to manually input artist, album, year, etc.

It would be sweet if you could copy those fields and be able to paste them into multiple files without typing them out, or copying each field individually.

You can also select them from the drop-down list on the left side.

Thanks! I'm an idiot. I knew it was there but I never thought to select all tracks and choose from the dropdown menu.