Is it possible to filter this?

I would like to filter anything that is not in Title Case so I can perform a case conversion.
If possible to select certain fields together for example Artist Album Title at the same time but if that's not possible then individually.

I know I can select all files and do it that way but the problem is I have 30,000 files and some for example have artists A.B.C. which I don't want to case convert.

Thank You

you could try
"$if($strcmp($caps(%artist%),%artist%),1,0)" IS 0

It's not really possible as it will always be guesswork. But it's a nice approach by ohrenkino and keep in mind that you can also use $caps2 and $caps3 and specify your own trigger characters for uppercase with second parameter.

Thanks to ohrenkino it helped a lot to narrow things down.
I'm still however getting this kind of thing for example when I try to filter titles.

Dance All Night (Till You Get It Right)
Fever (Remix)

Is there a way to exclude capitals after (
Or is that what you meant by "specify your own trigger characters" (sorry I'm not very good technically)

Maybe you could give me some examples

Thank You

In an action of the type "Case conversion" you can define which characters work as word boundaries and lead to a following capital letter.
So if you set the blank, a dot, inverted commas, a colon, you will get
Johnny "Guitar" Watson
Bop (till You Drop)
as the parenthesis is not included.

Please note that there are numerious artists that use delibarate violations of spelling rules as trade mark like
Colorbox M/A/R/R/S
and many more.
You will have to deal with all the DJs, MCs, the Scottish MacDonalds and Irish McCoys, those with a hyphen inside like Z-Plane, Abba-Esque , not to mention AC/DC, ACME MC
and so on

The short answer:
Yes, ( would be a trigger character.