Is it possible to get a file tag info via the command line? (Specifically for DSF files)

Hi there,
I would like to be able to get the tag info from a file out of Mp3Tag via the command line.

I've tried something like this:

Mp3tag.exe "m:\data\UnifyDev\02 - Billie Holiday - A Foggy Day.dsf"

and it spawns the app, with the file loaded.
What I would like is a dump to the console of all the tags.

Is this possible some way?

See the help on the command line parameters:

The command line does not control any output.

If you really need a command line software, you could try

Please be sure to read the Limitations of the current version before starting.

Thanks for the link, i will check it out.

Specifically I am trying to get inf for DSF files.

I would use an export script to generate a text output.