Is It Possible to Import a Local File for Cover Art?

I have a local mp3 file, accompanied by a local png file with a matching name, and I would like to make the png file the cover art file for for the mp3 file, without having to search all the online cover art sources, but can't find any import menu option that would allow me to import a local file.

Any help, advice or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Best regards to all
Christopher Souter
(Sydney, Australia)

There's an action for that.
See here:

Your suggestion worked.
Many thanks for your help!

Best regards
Christopher Souter
(Sydney, Australia)

The solution offered via an action of the "Import cover from file" type is actually intended for providing different covers to many MP3s at the same time, possibly doing this together with other actions and thereby benefiting from special features such as a typical controllable file pattern.

From your post I think you were looking for a solution for a single MP3 file and may not even know how to add cover art to MP3s interactively.

An interactive addition of cover files for a single MP3 file or 1 cover file for several marked MP3 files is more appropriate in this case. This is easily done by right-clicking on the cover field in the tag panel or in the extended tag view (add cover) or by dragging and dropping it from the Windows file explorer into the cover field.

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