Is it possible to move selected tracks/files?

Is there a way to move selected tracks/files to a different directory, as was possible in theWindows version?


You can use the Action function field formatting. Choose "_DIRECTORY" and define a format string for the destination folder. This will move all files in the source folder (mp3, flac, pdf, jpg, log, txt, ...)

Example format string to move to my NAS drive:

/Volumes/music/- Album/$left($if2(%albumartistsort%,%albumartist%),1)/$if2(%albumartistsort%,%albumartist%)/$if2(%albumsort%,%album% '['%_bitspersample%-$div(%_samplerate%,1000)']' '['$left(%year%,4)']'/

However I get a lot of errors from macOS about missing access rights. But this is already under investigation by Florian.

If you want to move selected music files only, you can use the rename function with included destination folder.