Is it possible to remove the Directory history

As when I point to the Directory box in the tag panel, it will slide down and shows all previous visited location, I want to remove some of them. Is it possible to do so?

Yes via the [Shift+Del] keyboard shortcut.


Sorry to bump up this pretty old thread...
Since [Shift-Del] allows you to delete the directroy entries one-by-one, I wonder if there is a way to delete them all, or better, to disable the directory history.
Reason: When I have entries that point to my NAS, it spins up its disks every time I start mp3tag - which results in a considerable delay...


You can set a directory in which MP3tag starts in Tools>Options>Directories
Let that name point to a non-nas-folder.

I already have that one set to my desktop folder and ticked the box to always start from this folder.
But still my NAS wakes up when I start mp3tag...

I think that the desktop is more or less the root of all devices. So if you use the desktop, any attempt to access the desktop then queries all the connected devices if they are still there.

Perhaps a folder on an actual drive would help.

And I have a different problem with this feature. If, I set a favorite folder and check the option from starting always from, then the playlist pinned to the Mp3tag icon on the Windows 7 Taskbar no longer works properly

The playlist is like this


When I right click the icon and then select then left click the playlist, instead of loading files from those three folder, Mp3tag loads files only from M:\M- and also from the location of the playlist file itself [from another drive]

I think that is a bug

It seems that the "bug" activates itself when the "subdirectories" option is not checked

So I cannot set Mp3tag to settings, with which I would be able to open Mp3tag with the content of folder X without subfolders residing in X but at the same time [with the same Directories settings] to have a pinned on Taskbar playlist that opens Mp3tag with the content of folder X and all of it subfolders [or folder Y on a different drive]

Well now it works as intended; there is no buggy behavior

But I had a system restoration and an update of Mp3tag itself along the way; so maybe I was my mistake, maybe Mp3tag got damaged or maybe this was fixed in a new version