Is it possible to revert order of chars in tags?

I have Logitech Squeezebox Touch device, that supports Hebrew fonts, but does not keep proper Hebrew right to left order. I have a lot of compositions with Hebrew tags and in order to keep Squeezebox displaying them properly, I need to revert order of symbols in tags. For example,
ABCDE must be converted to EDCBA independently of tag length.
Can it be done with regular expressions?

Please help
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Did you have searched / googled for "Logitech Squeezebox Touch LTR RTL read direction".
Aren't there any suggestions how to configure this thing for proper comfort?

Maybe it can be done by Regular Expression, when recursion for Regexp is available and someone is willing to build such an expression.

But there is an easier way already available: the Mp3tag Scripting Function $reverse.


Of course this is a first thing I tried and found, that this is a well-known bug/limitation. but because of they have no full Hebrew/Arab localization, they are not intend to fix it.
Thank you for reverse function explanation