Is it possible to save tags based on the current view?

Is there any way to save the tags to files based on the view one has created? I can update tags using the tag panel, but it seems like it should be possible to save the tags as they "appear" in the view window. I feel like I'm missing something...


Honestly, I don't know what you mean by

Modifications in the files list are saved as soon as you leave a column.
The modifications in the tag panel are saved when you press Ctrl-S or the save button in the tool bar.

I meant the list of files on the right. It would seem that you could update the tags based on the view you have created. For example, I have a list of files that have multiple pieces of information in the "Title" of the file. I want to parse it out into multiple fields. I've managed to do this using View>Customize Columns. It seems like there should be a way to save the customized view as metadata.

You can export the data from selected files with an export script - which is independent from the displayed data.
MP3tag ships with a set of template export scripts for different target formats.
See File>Export ...

I want to overwrite the tags on the files though. I don't understand how this will accomplish that?

Yes, you are right. For the task of overwriting tags the export is not the right function.
You can adapt the tag panel so that it shows also all the fields that can be edited. See Tools>Options>Tag-Panel for that.
If you have selected a bunch of files but the field you want to edit is not included in the tag panel, then use the extended tags dialogue (Alt-T) where you can modify existing tag fields or add new ones.
Or it could be that I still don't understand what you really want to do. Then if would be nice if you could describe an actual example.

I accomplished what I wanted using Alt+5 (tag - tag). I had to do it one field at a time, but it was the functionality I needed. Is there a what to do tag-tag on multiple fields?

Not on multiple fields.
But you could create an action group that handles several fields, one in each action of the action group.

Cool. I'll check that out. Thanks for the help and patience!