Is It Possible?

Apologies if this has already been asked or if I'm not following protocol. What would I have to input to change "feat artist" to "(Ft. Artist)"? Is it possible? Thank you.

To replace a "feat" with "(Ft." create an action of the type "Replace and enter
as search and
as replace string.

Unfortunately you do not tell us what marks the end of the artist. Is it always the last bit in a string after the "feat"?
Then create an additional action of the type "Replace with regular extression" and enter
as search string and
as replace string.
Have both actions in an action group.

How do I tell it to only add the closing bracket to tags which have "(Ft." in it? Because some songs don't have any featuring artists and it's adding a closing bracket to those too.

Apply a filter
%title% HAS " feat"

That did the trick, thanks a lot. ^_^