Is or will Mp3tag support ID3v2 chapter marks?

It seems that Mp3tag still doesn't support ID3v2 chapter marks? I tried to edit a mp3 format file which can show chapters in Antenna Pod (for Android) but found nothing related in the Extend Tags view.

id3v2-chapters-1.0 -

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Mp3tag probably will, but currently doesn't support ID3v2 chapter marks.

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this would be amazing! i cant wait til this hopefully becomes implemented!

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Hi @Florian,

Just as a start, I love your application, thank you lots and lots.

I just want to say that chapter support is the number one feature on my "What I am missing in Mp3tag" list.

Another thing I want to say is that the current way you have implemented MP4 chapter support is not my favorite. This is what I do not like:

  • There is no way to edit only the generic tags. For example, the m4b file may have a comment that is stored as a generic tag (not for each chapter). To remove it, I have to select all the chapters and delete the comment, Mp3tag will den save each chapter, this can be very slow.
  • Listing some files multiple times, once for each chapter, is confusing. It would be better if you could right click the file and select "Edit chapters" from the menu. This would also allow for editing generic tags.

I have noticed that there seems to be different ways that MP4 implement chapters. For example, I have many m4b files that includes chapters, and when I open a folder with those files in Mp3tag, I see that some of the files will be listed multiple times, one for each chapter, and some is only listed once, even though they have chapters.

One thing I have tested is to use FFmpeg to get the metadata from one m4b file that Mp3tag list only once, and then copy the metadata to a new version of that file. After doing that, Mp3tag will list the original version only once, and the new version multiple times. The tag will be listed as MP4 on both versions. The commands I used when testing this was:
ffmpeg -i "original.m4b" -f ffmetadata metadata.txt
ffmpeg -i "original.m4b" -i metadata.txt -map_metadata 1 -map_chapters 1 -codec copy "new.m4b"

The original m4b file was created with fre:ac v1.1 Alpha 20181201a. I have also seen that m4b files created with Chapter and Verse are listed only once in Mp3tag.

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I was thinking that some samples could be helpful. This site has samples of mp3 as well as mp4, opus and ogg:

And this is a bug report for VLC with the same request and a sample file:

I can also mention the ID3v2ChapterTool, that is maintained as a Sourceforge project This application struggles with ID3 frames over 100KB (can be an issue when adding a cover) and is a limitation of the JMF framework on which it is partially built and not the tool or the specification itself.

Another example is the eyeD3 library where there is some sample code in python:,98075.0.html

+1 to this request! My current workflow for exporting podcast episodes is pretty fragmented, because I have to use a different program to insert chapter metadata.