Is Patreon a possibility?

this is obviously pretty much just for florian, but i was wondering if you setting up a patreon was possible. i know you have a recurring payment option on the donation page already, but all things considered, this is sorta one situation where i'd love to put all my eggs into one basket (pihole, DDU, questionable content and maybe you? :wink:

if there is some sort of reason not to use patreon, i'll go ahead with stripe, but i was just curious in a 'help me help you' sort of way. :slight_smile:

Setting up a Patreon is currently not planned. As you've mentioned, I already have some options to support the development of Mp3tag (also on a recurring basis as Sustaining Patron) and I prefer to not add another platform to the mix. It's already a little bit crowded :slight_smile:

However, I can understand the wish "to put all the eggs into one basket". You're definitely not the first and to be honest, I've underestimated this effect when deciding to build my own model for recurring payments based on Stripe.

Thanks for your suggestion and for trying to help.

okie doke, i just signed up as a patron. $3 a month might not be much, but it's literally the least i can do. i've gotten a staggering amount of use out of this program (by current count, my library has 105000 tracks -- and i absolutely massaged the tags on every last one of them. it's not easy having OCD...) and hope you'll keep developing it for many more years to come.

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It means a lot! Thank you :slight_smile: