Is there a column for "rating"

The reason I ask, I would like to use this mp3tag program to work with my music files, it's so much faster than slow windows explorer.

With mp3tag, I am able to sort by artist, by album etc. But, what I am looking for is a column to rate my songs, so that I can take the highest songs and make a playlist out of them. Is this possible?

A look at the help would solve most of the problems:
Which field would be used for rating? See
How to create a column: see
How to get a list of files with a particular rating see the filter:

Thank you- I am not that good with computer mapping, but was able to create a customized "rating" column. I would like to rate the songs from 1 to 5 stars. I don't think I selected the correct RatingMM method. I made a screen shot to show you.

Looks OK to me.
Doesn't it work?

I posted an example of what I am looking at- below you can see the song "Big Sleeper" I ranked as 5, but there is no field at the left of the screen that shows that rating. Perhaps all the fields on the left side of the screen are fixed? Also, I was hoping it would show 5 stars, but I'll take a 5.

Customization is the buzzword here.
See the help on the options for the tag panel:
Also, try to right-click into the grey area of the tag panel to open the customization dialogues directly.

See this thread on how to show numbers as stars in the rating column:

In case anyone wants to know more about this, I have found that Windows Explorer is a very clunky method with which to review your music files. I have been able to use mp3 tag to organize albums, get album artwork, etc. I have found it to be a great help.

Now I am in the process of "whittling down" all my music files. I have been a victim of downloading entire albums which bloat my collection. In all reality, there are usually only 3-5 songs per album that I want to keep. That is where the star rating comes in.

It would be nice to right click on a song, play- windows media player pops up- and if the song is a "keeper", then I can simply rate it using the rating column, if I can ever figure out how to get it to work!!

Before you start rating your tracks ...
check first which player actually adopts the ratings found in a file.
I know that iTunes does not.
I am not sure about WMP.
And then, if you rate files in a player ... does it write that information back to the files so that you can recycle that information?

I have totally disassociated with itunes! We are in the midst of a messy divorce LOL!

Since their refusal to support the ipod classic, I have since gone to the sandisk mp3 player and have kept all my music files on my computer and use the window media player to playback music. I can perhaps rate my songs in media player, I just thought it would be a nice feature if mp3 tag also let me do that. I will check to see if the rating in WMP carries over to windows explorer.

Update- unfortunately when I rate a song 5 stars in Windows Media Player, the info doesn't carry over to my windows explorer file. I'll keep trying until something works!

In WMP check if the Options>Media library settings "Keep ratings as global ratings" and "Write modifications to file" helps you.

If not: you can create an automatic playlist with a certain rating which in return you can save as static playlist which then again can be loaded into MP3tag where you can set the stars in the files.
These ratings should then appear in the Windows Explorer.

I think there was a problem with WMP that it removes user-defined fields .... so the setting to write modifications to files should be used with care.