Is there a function that will apply the same entry for several files?

Is there a function that will apply the same entry for several files?
Say I want to copy the same Album name to multiple files. Can I?

copy from where?

Say I type the name of the album for one file, can I copy that entry to multiple files instead of having to manually copy and paste the album name into each field?

In Mp3tag any time you want to apply some action to more than one file you do so by selecting multiple files in the column view on the right.

To manually enter the same album name for more than one file, select the files on the right, enter the album name in the Tag Panel on the left, then press the 'Save' button (or use Ctrl+S).

A-ha! Thank you very much!

Also, if you have the tag you want written for any one or more of the files you select, it will be automatically available as a quick option in the tag panel.

With the files selected, you'll see in the tag panel window (in the Album tag, for example). Click on the down-arrow to make the drop-down box appear, then just select the tag you want applied to all the selected files.

Click the save icon, or CTRL+S, to save.


If you want to add or edit a field (again, for multiple files) that is not shown in the Tag Panel, you can either add it to the Tag Panel through the Options, or else select the files and then use the Extended Tags dialog. Access Extended Tags though View > Extended Tags, Alt+T, or the 'Paper & pencil' icon.