Is there a limited number of Tools one can create?

Hi, I researched through the Help file, through the "Tools, Examples of different Tool configurations" post under the "Mp3tag - International > Support > FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)" forum, but I found no solution for this problem.

I was enthusiastic about the Tools available at the post mentioned before so I started adding all of them (and some I invented on the fly) When I tried to create the 11th (after clicking "Accept", of course) I went to right-clicking a file to test then Tools and.... oooppps!! It was gone!

Tried a few more times and thought there was a limitation? Is that right?

Thanks in advance!

The help file says the limit is 10.

:huh: I missed that evidently. I'm sorry for my stupid question. :smiley:

Anyway, it would be great if you could create more than 10 tools. Unlimited is a nice word. :slight_smile: Just an idea for future versions.

Thanks for the answer.