IS there a script to remove titles that have the track number first?

I'm trying to get rid of the track number "01-title" to just "title". Now I'm doing it line by line can it be done with a script?

  • Actions (Quick)
  • Replace with Regular Expression
  • Field:TITLE
  • Regular expression:^\d\d-
  • Replace matches with:

What does all this mean? ^\d\d- Where can I find out about this so I don't have to ask. Is there a source to learn more about these?

Marc -THANKS!!!

Hi Marc,

the place to start is probably the Mp3tag Help, especially the section on Replace with Regular Expressions which has a short explanation of the regular expression syntax elements.

If you need some more, Wikipedia: Regular expression discusses the topic from start (^) to end ($) :wink:.

Kind regards,