Is there a tag for total track number? (iTunes: track 3 "of 10")

In iTunes, if I have an album of 10 tracks, my tracks will be numbered 1 to 10, but in the "Get Info" box for each track, it will say "Track 1 of 10," "Track 2 of 10," etc. It's that second number I'm wondering about. What if I have, say, 10 individual tracks from am album that actually has 11 tracks. What is the name for the tag to which that "11" refers, and can I modify that with mp3tag? Thanks.

TOTALTRACKS = the field
%totaltracks% = value of the above field


Ok, thanks. Out of curiosity, since I have to add the field TOTALTRACKS myself, how would a novice know that that's the name of the field I was looking for, since it's not already in the list of tags in mp3tag? Is that just common knowledge, or is there a list of additional tags recognized by iTunes that I'm supposed to look at, and then add them myself? TOTALTRACKS I could not find within mp3tag itself.

main help section.

The particular section you're looking for is:

Although TT is not listed.

Once you add it Mp3tag remembers it in the fields and values sections of the app.

N.B. It saves it to the usrfields.ini file in your install directory.

So maybe I'm misunderstanding this, but I tried formatting the Total Tracks field as you suggested, but it was not recognized in iTunes. I formatted the TOTALTRACKS field to 11, but in iTunes the info for the track still says "Track 4 of _" and that second field is blank, so it doesn't seem to have a value for the total tracks tag. Am I doing something wrong?

Play the files to update.

Click the first one to play it and then hold onto the right arrow key to flash through them.

Thanks, that particular way didn't work, but I was able to get it to work. iTunes wasn't recognizing the TOTALTRACKS or TOTALDISCS tags. Instead, it appears both the track number and the "total tracks" number are recognized in the single tag for the track number. Same for disc number.

I just got it to work by changing the track number tag to 4/11.

I don't personally understand why iTunes doesn't recognize a separate tag for TOTALTRACKS and TOTALDISCS, but oh well.

CTRL+K is your friend then.

But if you've lots of albums to do then you can use this autohotkey routine I wrote:

It accepts the dialog without having to press it using the new shortcut CTRL+N. Just make sure you've set the dialog up first they way you like and run it once for them to stick.

Then use AHK script:

; Short-cut: CTRL+N
; TRACK turbo Auto-Renumberererer
#IfWinActive ahk_exe Mp3tag.exe
    Sleep, 500
    send, {LAlt}
    send, {o}
    send, {Down 1}
    send, {enter}
; This next line auto accepts the AR dialog
    send, {enter}

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