Is there a way for the parser to follow links?

Hi there!

Is there a way for the parser to follow links and get inforamtion from sites which are linked to the page which is actually scanned for infromation.

E.g. from a release page in getting more album art than the cover picture by following the link "more images" or getting information like "Real Name" or "Aliases" by following the artist links.

Hi Pone, I am after a similar function but for slightly diferent reasons, I want to tag a batch of TV epsidoes in one go like getting an albums tracks.

Anyhow, I have been working on a different approach. I have written a php web service script
(only for IMDB at the moment) that does just what you want, running on a web server.
It acts as a proxy and follows certain links, grabs all the information (from about 9 different pages). The result is either a simple HTML display of the data, an XML file and soon to be a JSON object as well.

I am thinking about adding other scrapers so maybe able to do something for you.

I am a few weeks away but if anyone is interested in helping me, beta testing or even doing
the mp3tag scripts to scrpae from the XML, then let me know.


Has this (parser following links) ever come to pass?