Is There a Way to Build User Input into an Action?

Would like to create an action that allows me to append "xyz" to a field, namely CONTENTGROUP and I've found this in the FAQs, but curious if there is a script or option that would allow me to place a call for user input in the "Format String" field of the action.
Basically, instead of having to go into the action menus and edit my action everytime to append "xyz" to CONTENTGROUP, I want to have %contentgroup% ready waiting in the Format String field with a variable following, for example "[UserInput]". And then I can use the Quick Action button and have a dialogue box appear that allows me to type "xyz" in, setting "[UserInput]" and completing the action of appending "xyz" to CONTENTGROUP.

Maybe I'm getting to fancy here but this solves a lot of time consuming problems for me if this can happen.

Action Type: Format Value
Format String: %contentgroup%; [UserInput]

No. Not in actions.

But you can use the Convert>Tag-Tag function which has a more interactive part and remembers which strings you used before.