Is there a way to change TempPath?

is there a way to change the TempPath editing the config or preferences ?

I have 't any problem running at home , install or portable version
but i have created a portable version and i have it on my usb stick
and at work w10 pro 64bit limited user , i got many errors (in the Mp3tagError.log , now i have delete the file because I had to stop to use at work )
I guess the TempPath is protected , and i can't change the folder permission

the TempPatch is C:\Users\X\AppData\Local\Temp\Mp3tag v3.11
X stay for my user account but i have tried on other computers ,same issues and different name
so I wonder if i could changed it to c:\temp\Mp3tag v3.11\ or even better F:\temp\Mp3tag v3.11
I have searched around the forum , haven't found a way to change it

Usually, the TEMP-path is defined on your windows system as an environment variable.
Open a command line window (CMD) and enter
You can see the TEMP= and TMP= variables.

I'm not sure if it is a good idea to change this TEMP= and TMP= environment path variables, as they serve not only for Mp3tag. It could be that you can't change it at work as "w10 pro 64bit limited user".

hi @LyricsLover
yes I thought about it ,but i agree could be a bad idea
maybe Florian (the developer) could add the possibility to edit the temp folder in the preferences
it's not problem for my home computer but it does give me several issues on the work computer

I would check which access rights the temp folder has.
I mean: what's the use of a temp folder to write temporary data to when you are not allowed to write...?

I haven't now here mp3tag ,but i guess there are several protected folders and yes the problem is that mp3tag can't write in these folders (seeing i have tried on 2 work computers)
I had the same problem with musicbee ,it does use the same folder ,but the developer added an option line to specify the temp folder ,so I (and other users) can use it
with musicbee i had exactly the same issues ,write errors

Even if you do not have MP3tag right there, you could still check the access rights and other permissions.
Also, it may be an idea to start MP3tag with the permissions of your limited account with the right-click option "Start as".
(I mean: it could be on purpose that you are not allowed to start other applications than the one issued by your administrator...)

That cannot be valid for a portable installation because it belongs to a user-account. Portable installations have to keep all files in theit installation folder.

The portable installation uses this path as Temp path and performs cleanup on close — it's what the system returns via GetTempPath().

hi @Florian
is there a way to change it in the config or in some ini file ?
got write error ,my operation system in not in english so the translation is not accurate

With a portable installation you can create a StartMp3tag.bat text file in the Mp3tag directory. In that file, you can temporarily overwrite the TMP and TEMP environment variables to use this directory and start Mp3tag.exe from that environment:

set TMP=. 
set TEMP=%TMP%
start Mp3tag.exe

You'd need to run Mp3tag via this StartMp3tag.bat to use the updated Temp path.

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