Is there a way to change the format of preview.txt?

I would want to get rid of the " " and -> and keep the path only. But I can't seem to find a way to change the format. Thanks.

I don't really understand. Which function are we talking about? What do you intend to do with the preview instead of executing the function?

It's the preview when before performing a Tag to Filename (or similar) operation. I'd use the preview to search for the first string and replace it with the second line in a huge XML file.

AFAIK MP3tag uses the default editor for text files.
So if you change that from "editor" to some other program that allows you to run a macro or script, then you could get the data you need.

Okay, I guess the preview.txt was meant for previews only. Hence, no option to manipulate it from within Mp3tag. Thanks, anyway.

I wonder if an export script might create the total xml data.
This would save you the effort to copy&paste it to the other file...