Is there a way to do a tree display

I want to display my files in a tree format, where I sort by path, but sets of files in the same path are together like so:

  1. C:\Music\Album 1
    • Track 1
    • Track 2
    • Track 3...
  2. C:\Music\Album 2

and so on.

A request way back since 2005, I think.
No, there is no tree.

To keep track of your MP3 library, I would recommend OrangeCD (
Even though it is very rarely updated, it works like a charm.
You can enter sort names for every artist (i.e. last name, first name), build box sets and handle fairly large collections.

One of the things I like the most is, that you can upload your library to a webpage (only the metadata, not the MP3 itself) and share it with your friends:

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Foobar2000 also has a tree that can be configured what it shows.
And Foobar2000 is updated regularly (currently).
But as far as I understood the OP, the question was about MP3tag.
Or perhaps the question was not about the tree but about how to arrange files so that they are grouped together by album.
I think that a folder tree is the final result after tagging and perhaps rewriting the filename and path.

I think I understand what the OP is after. I often want the same type display, especially when I'm cleaning up tags for a number of folders of just one artist. Or a multi-CD album, that is in different folders, and I want to move them all to one folder.

I use the field "PATH", then sort by that, first having sorted by "Track Number". That gives me a version of what you're looking for. I can then tag from that point, knowing they are displayed like your example above.

This works best on a limited number of folders. Too many becomes a challenge to mentally process (me, not the program).

If this isn't what you were referring to, then never mind :upside_down_face: