Is there a way to find out which program made this mp3?

First, I'd like to say that I don't really know what program was used to create this. The dub of a show was a made a few months ago.

The Mp3 length on Win7 shows 42.03 when actually it is 40.59. I used Mp3tag to see that under VBR is shows CBR. It shows 64 kBit/s in mp3tag but in Win7 it shows 124kbit/s. I'm not really sure what all this means. It just shows conflicting info but the file plays without any real problems.

Can anyone help me figure out what program can make a file like this? Thanks in advance

Check (and repair) the file with mp3val or Foobar2000. Looks like a corrupt header to me.

thanks, i already used vbrfix to fix it. i was just wondering what sort of program can make a vbr mp3 without a header like that.

There may be other faults in the file - perhaps MP3diags should have a look a the files.

Back to the basic question: unless the encoder left its stamp somewhere in the file with a field like "encoded by" or "encoder settings", you will be left to guess "whodunnit".

Again, thanks for your input. Mp3tag shows:

encoded by


However, encspot is showing encoder as gogo?

mp3diags....hard to explain... look at the attachment.

FFmpeg write this tags

lavf52.32.0 and lavf56.4.100

into the mp3.

and more technical:

Thanks for helping this newbie out....much appreciated. Saved for after work reading... :smiley: