Is there a way to put Convert routines onto the Action menu?

I have 3 routines I always use. One is a Filename to Tag, the other 2 are Tag to Tag. I'd love to put them on the Action menu so I can run them 1-2-3 which I have to do manually right now...

can be mapped to an action of the type "Guess value".

can be mapped to "Format value".
You can put all 3 action into a single action group so that they get executed in 1 go.
Or you create separate action groups and tick them for execution in the Actions list as you need them.

OK, got the first one working. But having trouble replicating the Tag to Tag.. My Convert Tag to Tag (working) is:

I tried "Replace expression of:

But it doesn't result in the same (or any) changes... ?

This is not really a regular expression ... I would have expected actors as they are described in the help like (.*) - (.*) for the regular expression and then something like $1 in the replace matches section.
The example that you supplied puts the contents of %albumartist%-%album% into ARTIST

What do you want to achieve?

That is exactly what I want to achieve.... to put the contents of %albumartist%-%album% into ARTIST.

I don't understand the "help", it's just not explanative enough. I can't tell what the purpose or content of "Regular expression" should be, and the same goes for "Replace matches with". What matches are they talking about? What is the use/purpose of "Regular expression". I have tried a variety of "guesses" and none of them seem to work...

Then use an action of the type "Format value" for ARTIST
Format string: %albumartist%-%album%

Then you needn't bother about regular expressions and stuff.

Perfect! Works great. Thanks so much!