Is There a way to swap 2 fields around ?


Hi all,

I need to swap my "Artist" and "Band" fields for my whole libary. This is because i have a jukebox that only reads the Artist fields and does not understand the ; or / to make the track show in two artists. Instead it makes a new artist for every song that have more than one artist.

As the "Band" or (Album artist filed in WMP10) filed has just the actual artist so that will work with my jukebox.

I have looked at the actions area but can't see any way to swap 2 fileds around. If anyone can help or knows a way to swap these fields please let me know.

In case you still don't know what i am asking here is an example:

Current: Album: The DJ In The Mix Disc 1, Track: Slipstream (Airwave Edit), Artist: Armin Van Buuren, Band: ATB.

As its an ATB album i want the ATB from the band field to be in the artist and the Armin Van Buuren from the artist field to be in the band field. (if it is only posible just to move one field to the other and lose the old Artist field that will do).
So changed one would be:
Album: The DJ In The Mix Disc 1, Track: Slipstream (Airwave Edit), Artist: ATB, Band: Armin Van Buuren.




Example to swap TITLE and ARTIST

Format value:
Field: TITLE
Formatstring: %title% --- %artist%

Guess values:
Source format: %title%
Guessing pattern: %artist% --- %title%

Just replace the title stuff with band


THANKS i got is to work. This is a great program ! you can do any thing if you know how :smiley: