Is there a way to sync the lyrics to the song?

So the new Apple Music feature is that if you tap to any part of the lyrics it takes you to that part of the song, is there a way to do that with MP3TAG? Thanks.

No, there isn't. MP3tag supports the field UNSYNCEDLYRICS.

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Oh ok, hope they can add the feature in the future, thanks for the reply

Which format does Apple use, though? I assume a standard textual subtitle format as is common in MP4 videos. (Itʼs treated as a separate video-like track, not a tag, therefore I would never expect Mp3tag to add support for subtitles.)

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AFAIK synced lyrics have a timing information for each line of text.
See e.g. Wikipedia:

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I'm Looking exatly for this , but no results yet , Its ok if it doesnt jup to that part of the track , but i so want the time synced lyrics in my non-itunes songs