Is there a wonderful, magnificent and powerful program like this to edit videos?

Hello everyone!
I'm here because I use every day mp3tag to edit my songs and I want a program to edit my videos. I have been using it for more than 1 year every day, at least 350 days a year and I am really in love with this program. I even donated by him. But that's another story.
Now I'm here because I'm looking for a program as fantastic as this (Although I do not think there is another one like that) but to edit video.

I would like the program I am looking for to have the options to edit the names massively as to the style of the mp3tag actions. And you might have to edit the tags also if possible.

Although I do not get many illusions because the truth that a program is as fantastic as mp3tag is very very difficult.

Any suggestion?

Many thanks for the praise and your support! Glad you like Mp3tag :slight_smile:

Did you know that you can also edit MP4 video files with Mp3tag? It doesn't support AVI and all the others, but I'm currently working on Matroska (MKA/MKV) which is also widely used for storing video data.

Kind regards
– Florian

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Oh, my God!! In the last update he did it! You're definitely fantastic. Now mp3tag is my favorite program wow, now to prove what can be done with the matroska files. Thank you so much again for this, I love you.