Is there an app that does this for pictures & photos?

Love this app and use it occasionally when making playlists for parties etc. But I have loads of jpeg & png files which also need tagging. Is there a similar app for them?

Hi there and welcome!

I'm not aware of an app that directly resembles Mp3tag's capabilities for images, but heard that Adobe Lightroom Classic has lots of tagging and renaming features. However, it's quite pricey for this task.

Another option is ExifToolGUI, which is Freeware and uses the powerful ExifTool as a backend.

Just FYI, I've moved your topic to #off-topic, as it not directly discusses Mp3tag.

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For Windows-OS there are some more GUI:
Please check also this exiftool thread:

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Would it make sense, though, to extend Mp3tag to support image formats based upon container formats already supported?

This would primarily be the ISOBMFF with JPEG2000 and, more importantly, HEIF (incl. HEIC, AVCI, AVIF). Iā€™m not sure whether WebP uses, like WebM, the Matroska/MKV container format.

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I used to use IMatch something like a 15 years ago

But it worked as I remember in a whole other way: your tags / grouping were stored within the database itself