Is there an iTunes script that writes composer and copyright tags?


I've tried several scripts but only couple of them work but neither of those write composer tag. Can anyone help me find a script that writes extended tags such as composer?

Any help will be greatly appreciated, thanks.

Does this thread help?

or this one:

The Apple Music Script delivers the composer. It uses the websize as source. Scripts that use the Itunes-API can't deliver the composer because the API knows no composer.

You should know that the delivered content with the Apple script is not always the composer but often the authors of a song (composer and lyricist together).

Another script that delivers the composer if it is available is the Deezer script.

Sometimes the Deezer script delivers the composer when the Apple script cannot and sometimes it is the other way round. You also have to lookup several editions of an album because not all deliver the composer. And sometimes you have to use several Apple Country versions to be successfull.
One would expect that Apple uses nearly the same database in diffferent countries but that is ovbiously not the case. I.e it is astonishing to find the composer of the songs of an US-country-album not with the US-script but maybe with the the German script.

Thank you for the response ohrenkino. The first link talks about editing the coyright tag manually and second one doesn't write the composer tag. I've asked the dev of the script to modify it a bit, let's see what happens.

Thank you for the help poster. Yes, finally an Itunes script works that writes both composer and copyright tags. I'll try and modify some bits of it to suit my preferences.

Can't use Deezer as the service is not available in my country yet.

Thanks for the help again, highly appreciated.