Copyright Tag won't Show for MP3?

Hi! I just recently find out about MP3Tag and instantly find it extremely useful. But mainly I use it to edit Tags that normally can't be modified on iTunes ... like the Copyright. However for some reason, changes that I made to the Copyright field only shows up on songs in my iTunes that are .M4A. All of my .MP3 Songs (ID3 v2.3) won't show anything that I put in the Copyright Tag.

Which program do you refer to?
Then make sure that iTunes re-reads the (modified) files. In many cases, iTunes has to be forced ro re-read with a script or by opening the "information" dialogue.
Or delete the tracks from the iTunes library and then re-add the folder.

I've been trying that for awhile now already. Still doesn't work. Only works for my .M4A songs like I said but no luck with my MP3s.

Which field do you use for copyright - As my iTunes ( does not have a field "Copyright" to be displayed.

It's shown below the Summary Tab right beside the artwork and below the album name.

This does not quite answer the question of "which field do you use". So I have to ask some more:
If you have such a file and it shows this information in iTunes in the summary view - where does it appear in one of the other tabs?
What is the name of the field that shows the information that you want.
Does iTunes show the copyright for any mp3 file?
Could it be that this information is only available for downloaded files but not imported ones?

It doesn't show anywhere else besides the Summary Tab. I'm not sure but maybe iTunes doesn't really support Copyright Tag for songs that are MP3?

Or it could be that this information is only available for files that have been bought in an online shop and are stored in the itunes database but not in the files.
But: it should be possible to have a look at one of the m4a files and see whether the info that iTunes shows is actually part of a tag field.

This looks not like a copyright © information.

It looks like an annotation by the producer (p).


Mp3tag reads that as copyright, but just itunes gives it a (p) sign :wink:

Look here:

iTunes screenshot

Mp3Tag Screenshot

Edit: // This tag is only visible for M4A Files (iTunes doesn't show this on Mp3's)

I have the same problem but i think that's problem of Itunes <_< or the id3v.2 standard :huh: . Tags of m4a are more advanced :music: .

The display of the Copyright tag in iTunes is only supported for m4a and not with Mp3, however you can still add this tag to Mp3 but it will not be displayed in iTunes

Hey, about the .M4A... All my iTunes music is in that format. I’m able to put some explicit tags, yes & that COPYRIGHT field. But when I sync my music to my iPhone I don’t see that tag on my music even though it’s in that M4A format.